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Printing, digital archiving, creating documents in large quantities, sending and mailing them?

Does none of the available options match your needs exactly the way you would want it? Does the implementation leave gaps between the existing infrastructure and the final goal? Do you need someone who can create the program of your needs while being also fluent in production printing, page description languages, electronic visualisation of mailed invoices and their secure payments as well? Who can do the same for mobile phones as well? Who could convert all of these into a manageable format for the archiving system? You are looking for us then!

Long-term software support and operation of a complex software solution?

All software need support. The more complex the task, the more support you need. Most of the time you need continuous operation as well. This may be a cliche, but all software will encounter events which they had not been prepared for. The true question is how the system will react to these events. The system is not only made up of programs and hardware units! The companies and suppliers that keep the system running are part of it as well. In these unforeseen events, they will become the keys to the solution! Do you need a supplier who will guarantee the quality of their work by offering lifetime operation support for their product? Then you need us!

Unique software development

Purchasing software “in a box” promises to fit seamlessly to your pre-existing systems and all the other software you have purchased before, as well as your IT infrastructure. These boxes in your drawer give you the impression that the next box will fit seamlessly as well, leaving no gaps at all. In the high-speed cheap internet world of today, not even software “in a box” will come in an actual box, but let me continue this image: if you have ever opened up a box like this, you have seen that the actual contents of the box will never use the space available for them that would make up a full box.

Well, this empty space is what will be filled up by our unique solutions! You will not have to deal with the gaps created by implementing uncustomized boxed software, that will usually need your painful compromises to fulfill your original goals. Sometimes not even compromises will help… Our solutions adhere to the consistent guarantee of quality by supporting, and if needed, operating for years, what we have created!

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