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Mobil alkalmazások -

In the early 2000’s, it seemed almost impossible that not much later, you would have a device in your pocket with the processing capabilites higher than a high-end laptop of the era.

Besides calling, it will be used for sending e-mails, browsing on the Internet or to be used as a navigation device. The widespread expansion of smartphones have lead to the creation of a whole new class of hardware designed to run applications. All software manufacturers aim to utilise these opportunities.

Our company is dedicated for the utilisation of new technologies. We believe one shouldn’t stick to the beaten solutions of the areas of our conventional competence, but rather to see the opportunity of innovation in new and sometimes unconventional technologies. Our professional opinion is that smartphone services can be exploited the most if their applications are working as a module of an existing web service. Therefore, we have built our team prepared to create mobile-friendly programs to expand our arsenal available for our clients.

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