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Bit-Bulls Ltd. was founded in 2008 by two engineers who wanted to profit by their knowledge and experience they have gained in the multinational environment of Xerox.

With the execution and support of many developments the founders have built strong business relationships as a partner of worldwide-known producers and the biggest companies of Hungary. During its growth, the enterprise has offered solutions and managed unique developments from developments of printing technology to document composition.

The solutions offered are market leader, innovative applications that guarantee special service for clients who are committed to using high quality, scalable and robust developments.

The main course of the company’s developments gives the clients solutions for printing and processing documents but according to the market’s demands, by developing innovative mobile applications, the firm offers progressive solutions as well. With softwares, programmed based on individual needs, many big companies get crucial components for their operation.

Bit-Bulls Ltd, according to its philosophy, provides support to the operation of solutions that helps to gratify all needs of its partners’ regarding time, place and expertise. The reliable service on every field is guaranteed for the clients by the many years of special experience and knowledge base.

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